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Becoming a Woman – SESOTHO

Ho Kena Boroetsaneng


Becoming a Woman

This Sesotho DVD lesson teaches girls and young teenagers the physical and emotional changes that they will go through to become a woman.
The viewer is taught how their body will change shape and how their feelings and emotions may change.
The lesson teaches about menstruation and how it is a normal and natural process that shows your body is capable of having a baby.
Also discussed is the importance of good hygiene. The lesson also teaches about sex and how to avoid pregnancy and catching sexually transmitted diseases.
The viewer is taught to ensure they are ready to have sex and are not pressured into it.
The DVD teaches that all changes are normal and natural and can differ from girl to girl.
The viewer is advised to confide in a friend or family member if they have any concerns or problems.

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This DVD is part of a series of educational lessons in Sesotho on sex education.

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