Our Lessons

Simple lessons for safer living in local languages

We create simple, interactive lessons about health and other topics to help people live more safely.

The lessons include a combination of information and questions, illustrated using still or moving images.

Questions based on the information given are used throughout the lessons to reinforce messages.

Each question has a choice of two answers, one of which is selected by the person or group viewing the lesson.
Where an incorrect answer is given, the message and question are repeated, and there is a ‘quiz’ at the end of the lesson to further reinforce the messages.

Our free lessons are available on DVD and also to view Online

The software and images are subject to copyright and it is not permitted to take the files and use them in anyway other than for educational purposes, and they may not be sold.
Neither Education Saves Lives nor the copyright holders accept any liability for any problems that arise from the use or misuse of these lessons.

Our thanks to everyone who has generously given permission for their images to be used in our lessons: Credits

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