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Say No to Glue And Drugs – THAI

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Say No to Glue and Drugs

This Thai DVD lesson teaches the dangers of glue and drugs and encourages the viewer to say no to them.
The lesson teaches the viewer the long term effects drugs and glue have on the body that can lead to more serious illnesses and even death.
Drugs and glue are particularly dangerous as they are addictive and can change a person’s behaviour. They can make a person more at risk of having an accident or being vulnerable to abuse.
Drugs and glue can also have an affect on a users family and their community, as well as ruining their education or career.
Often there is no outside help available to people with this addiction, so the lesson teaches the viewer not to start taking drugs or sniffing glue. Instead it encourages the viewer to participate in other activities such as sport or music.
If the viewer is addicted they are encouraged to seek help from their family and friends. They are taught to raise the awareness of the dangers of glue and drugs and help those around them to stay away from them as well.

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This DVD is for educators, groups and individuals and is part of a series of educational lessons in Thai on Addiction.

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