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Planting Trees is Good! – FRENCH

Planter des Arbres c’est Bien!

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Planting Trees is Good – French

The French ‘Planting Trees is Good’ DVD lesson teaches why trees are useful and how to plant trees to ensure a community does not run out of trees in the future.
It is important to learn about trees as they are a cheap way of providing food and shade for animals.
They are also useful in agriculture as their roots can help prevent flooding and they can improve soil conditions.
The DVD teaches the viewer the different parts of a tree and how they function.
The lesson emphasises the importance of planting new trees when old trees are cut down to provide wood for building and cooking.
The viewer is taught how to collect and prepare the seeds for planting.
They are also advised when and where to plant the seeds and how to prepare the soil to create the best conditions for the seeds to grow in.
The viewer is taught to monitor their trees and protect them from other plants and animals to ensure they grow.

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This DVD is part of a series of educational lessons in French entitled Healthy Environment.

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