Planting Trees Is Good

This Lesson:
  • Teaches why trees are useful and how to plant trees to ensure a community does not run out of trees in the future.
  • Explains the importance of planting trees to help the soil, prevent flooding and provide food and shade.
  • Teaches the viewer the different parts of a tree and how they function.
  • Emphasises the importance of planting new trees when old trees are cut down to provide wood for building and cooking.
  • Teaches how to collect and prepare the seeds for planting.
  • Advises when and where to plant the seeds and how to prepare the soil to create the best conditions for the seeds to grow in.
  • Teaches the viewer to monitor their trees and protect them from other plants and animals to ensure they grow.
  • This lesson is part of a series of lessons on Healthy Environment.

These lessons are available on DVD (see below) and Online

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