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Human Trafficking – XHOSA

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Human Trafficking

This Xhosa DVD lesson raises awareness of Human Trafficking and teaches the viewer how to protect themselves against it.
Human trafficking is illegal and causes many people to be forced away from their homes, to work long hours in poor conditions.
Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, especially children who are most vulnerable.
The lesson teaches how traffickers acquire their victims often through false advertisements or by kidnapping or bribery.
Human traffickers work by controlling their victims, making them dependent upon them.
They take them away from their homes and families, often making them break the law or force them to take drugs or work in prostitution.
This lesson teaches the viewer to be wary of anyone who offers them a new life.
They are taught to protect themselves by asking questions and staying alert and gaining as much information as possible.
The DVD advises the viewer to raise awareness of human trafficking and what to do if they or someone they know becomes a victim of it.
Where possible a helpline number is given at the end of the lesson, so that victims in some areas have a point of contact if they have concerns about human trafficking.

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