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How to Take Your HIV Medicine – KARAMOJONG

Epite Ngolo Kiliket Nykonkitoi Alodiim


How to Take Your HIV Medicine – Karamojong

The Karamojong How to Take Your HIV Medicine DVD Lesson describes how the HIV virus attacks the body’s defences, and discusses when antiretroviral medication (ARV) needs to be started.
The DVD emphasises that although medicines kill the virus, they do not completely cure HIV, and lifelong treatment is essential.
The importance of CD4 blood tests is stressed, and the role of the health worker in the clinic is re-inforced as the best source of information.
The viewer is taught that the medicine must be taken regularly and even missing one day may allow resistance to the ARVs to develop.
The DVD informs the viewer that three different medicines will need to be taken which may be in a combined tablet.
The possibility of drug interactions and adverse effects with antiretrovirals is raised.
This lesson finishes with a video of a healthy-looking person with HIV and it is emphasised that she has taken the medicine every single day, achieved a low CD4 count and must take the medicine for the rest of her life.

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