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HIV/AIDS: A Guide For Children – KIRUNDI

Umugera VIH/SIDA Infashanyo Ku Bana


HIV/AIDS: A Guide For Children – Kirundi

The Kirundi HIV/AIDS Guide For Children DVD lesson explains to children that having HIV needn’t change their lives completely.
They can still hug and kiss their family and friends, go to school, and play and have fun with their friends as normal.
The DVD dispels commonly held myths about how HIV can and cannot be transmitted.
It teaches that you cannot catch HIV by sharing cups, spoons, clothes, toys or living in the same house, but stresses the importance of covering cuts and wounds and not touching syringes, needles or razor blades.
The DVD emphasises that those with HIV/AIDS are not bad people, though others may not understand this and be cruel or unkind.
The importance of antiretroviral medicine, blood tests and health clinics is stressed.
Talking about HIV/AIDS with others particularly after bereavement is suggested, as is caring for a relative with AIDS.
The whole lesson demonstrates audiovisually that a child with HIV may sometimes feel ill, but the child can still have fun and play with friends.
The DVD tries to make the child feel as normal as possible.

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This DVD is part of a series of educational lessons in Kirundi on HIV/AIDS.

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