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Safer Sex for Teenagers – TEMNE

Kayor Mapanth ma Yanan yi Panan ta Anfeth Abera yi Anrunien


Safer Sex for Teenagers

This Temne DVD lesson teaches teenagers the importance of safe sex and how it can reduce the risk of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
HIV and sexually transmitted diseases can be passed on through unsafe sex.
The viewer is taught the importance of using contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
The viewer is taught that not having sex is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
The lesson suggests that rather than having sex, teenagers can talk and kiss each other; sex is not the only way to be close with their partner.
If a person does decide to have sex, the DVD teaches them to think it through carefully and ensure it is with someone they know and trust.
At the end of the lesson oral and anal sex are briefly discussed because these methods are used in place of contraception in some settings but can be particularly dangerous in terms of the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases.
If preferred, we can provide an alternative version of this lesson without these references.
Please contact us for more information about this.

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