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Diarrhoea – KIRUNDI


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Diarrhoea – Kirundi

The Diarrhoea DVD raises awareness of the seriousness of the illness, which results in many childrens deaths each year.
The viewer is taught the dangers of germs and how vitally important toilet hygiene and washing hands with soap and water is in preventing the spread of germs.
Diarrhoea is particularly dangerous for children as they lose water quicker than adults and without proper care diarrhoea can lead to other illnesses such as malnutrition.
The DVD is a useful guide for parents to help prevent their child from getting diarrhoea and how to treat them if they do.
The viewer is taught the importance in keeping their childs fluid levels up by extra breastfeeding if they are young enough, or providing them with lots of clean drinking water.
The DVD focuses on how to make a simple rehydration mixture, which can be fed to a child. The viewer is taught the quantities of the mixture and how much and for how long the mixture should be given depending on the childs age.
The lesson advises the viewer to take their child to a health clinic if symptoms persist or get worse.

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