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Caring For Someone With AIDS – VIETNAMESE

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Caring for someone with AIDS

This Vietnamese DVD lesson is one of several on the subject of HIV/AIDS.
Caring For Someone With AIDS focuses on the role of friends and families of AIDS sufferers and teaches them how to support and care for their loved one.
The DVD teaches about the illness and how it is spread, so the friends and family members can keep themselves safe. The lesson aims to break down common misconceptions about AIDS, such as that it can be spread through the air or by human contact.
The DVD also aims to break down prejudices against AIDS sufferers who are often chased out of their communities or blamed for their illness. The viewer is taught to help a person with AIDS, firstly by accepting them, as well as trying to support and care for them.
The DVD advises friends and family to talk to an AIDS sufferer and help them prepare for the future, both emotionally and financially. The viewer is also taught how they can help someone in the short term by helping them to stay strong by eating healthily, drinking clean water and taking any necessary medication.
The DVD educates the viewer on the illness and its causes, as well as how to support those with the disease.

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