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Beware of Landmines – ENGLISH

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Beware of Landmines – English

This English DVD teaches the dangers of landmines and how they can cause serious injury and often death.
Landmines are particularly dangerous as they are often hidden underground, so are not easily visible.
The viewer is taught never to touch or pick up a landmine and that it is important they teach their children not to do so as well.
The lesson teaches that Landmines can range in size and shape but are always very dangerous; the viewer is shown different examples of them.
The lesson advises the viewer what to do if they come across a landmine site and how they must stay calm and get immediate medical help if a landmine explodes.
The DVD raises awareness of the dangers of landmines and teaches the viewer to always avoid them to keep themselves and their families safe.

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This DVD is part of a series of educational lessons in English entitled Healthy Environment.

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