Simple Lessons for Safer Living
"These DVDs change the behaviours of local people of DR Congo.
People from various villages meet and it becomes an opportunity to know and learn from one another."
COFAPRI, eastern DR Congo.
  • What We Do

    What We Do

    We create simple, interactive lessons about health and other topics to help people live more safely.
  • Who We Work with

    Who We Work with

    We collaborate with health authorities, community groups, street children’s societies, health clinics, faith groups, schools and individuals.
  • Our Impact

    Our Impact

    Between 2012 and 2019 we sent over 150,000 DVD lessons to 86 Countries. We have over 1500 registered users in 116 countries who have watched our lessons online.
  • Our Story

    Our Story

    Helen Taylor Thompson founded the organisation in 2000 as a response to the growing numbers of people being diagnosed with HIV, to inform people - in local languages - about disease prevention.
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“I am really interesting with the video, I do not realize that children can be sell.
But through this video I know that most of children and human can sell and I need to discuss with who I trust.”
(Som Rath Pich Sey, 11 years old and Student at Siem Reap Agape school.)
Using Our Lessons
  •  Our Lessons

    Our Lessons

    Our interactive lessons include a combination of information and questions, illustrated using relevant still or moving images.
  • Order DVDS

    Order DVDS

    Our DVDs are free and we have over 33 lessons available in up to 65 languages.
  • Watch Online

    Watch Online

    For regions with stable internet access, our lessons are available to watch online.
  • Give Feedback

    Give Feedback

    Tell us how you have used the lessons, and what impact they had on your community.
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So far, 12,300 Rwandan healthcare workers have received training from our DVDs.
Between 2014-2017, 1.2 million Rwandans viewed our DVDs.
That's one tenth of the Rwandan population!
Get Involved
  • Translate a Lesson

    Translate a Lesson

    Help us make more life-saving information available by translating a script from English to your mother-tongue.
  • Join Our Network

    Join Our Network

    Help distribute our DVDs. We can send the DVDs to wherever they are needed, subject to local postal services.
  • Help Fundraise

    Help Fundraise

    In 2019 a fundraising fashion show raised £2,208 to support our work in Nigeria
  • Make a Donation

    Make a Donation

    Each life-saving DVD costs us about £3.50 to produce, and each one could be seen by hundreds of people.
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"We just renovated our school toilets for our children to improve general health and wellbeing.
The DVD on Basic Hygiene really came in handy."
Simbo Oke Hojhurhoye, Kenya.
Latest News
New Coronavirus DVD lessons released in Swahili andYoruba. The lesson is based on World Health Organisation’s global advice.
New Coronavirus DVD lessons released in Hausa and Tamil. The lesson is based on World Health Organisation’s global advice.
Two new lessons released on DVD. Safe Water in Setswana and Coronavirus in English. This lesson is based on the World Health Organisation’s global advice.
News from our User Groups

We’ve recently been talking to community groups in Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda.
We’re sending DVD packs in several languages, with the aim that community groups (like Lebanon Community Center, pictured here) will work together to reach as many of the population as possible with simple le...

ACDK raises awareness of COVID-19, with the theme "usafi wa kwanza / Personal hygiene".
'We hope that the summary of our lessons on community education will help other communities to raise awareness among themselves in order to meet the health challenge by adapting it to the real needs and spec...
ACDK is a young organisation in DR Congo. Led by Jackson Byenda Kahalalo, they are teaching villagers to plant trees because the forests were desolated by the DRC militia...