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Women’s Day 2020 #Eachforequal

8th March 2020

Today is international women’s Day and the theme this year is #Eachforequal. An equal world is an enabled world, and our lessons enable disadvantaged women all over the world to have more control over the health by giving them vital life saving information in their mother tongue! What they learn through our lessons helps them in making choices that will have an impact on their lives and their families’.

Village Africa” have been using our lessons for many years, to educate women and the wider community in Yamba, Tanzania.
Mama Ade (pictured above), is the village health worker, and here she is showing the lessons to temporary staff members to ensure that they also have acces to the information.

The lessons have been particularly useful in Village Africa’s Saturday Club for girls where they watch the DVDs on malaria, hygiene, nutrition and more. They are used alongside the rest of Village Africa’s projects which include education, income creation, tree planting and health (in particular maternal health).

Education Saves Lives is still working on our new lesson which deals with issues such as dangers of child marriage, domestic violence, and the lack of girls’ access to education.
However our existing lessons on “When to have a Baby”, “You and Your New Baby”, “Becoming a Woman” and “Taking care and keeping Safe” are equally important in working towards gender equality (which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals)

For more information on our lessons that will increase your community’s health and well being in order to reduce inequalities and empower women and girls, have a look at our “lessons” area.
You too can play your part by donating to cover the cost of lessons for a women’s group who otherwise won’t have access to this valuable information.