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To Russia with Love

26th October 2018

Our DVD lessons are on their way to Russia, thanks to our new user group Love Russia.
Love Russia have been working in western Russia since 1993  to support a wide range of vulnerable people, from orphaned children to adults with learning difficulties.

Love Russia recently ordered several of TME’s DVDs on a range of health and social topics including HIV, alcohol addiction, healthy eating, becoming a woman, and Healthy Eating. TME’s lessons use simple language to explain important issues to children and vulnerable adults who wouldn’t otherwise get access to such vital information. The lessons use clear photographs, are translated into local languages (in this case, Russian!) and feature interactive questions to ensure that viewers have understood the key points.

Love Russia intend to use the DVDs to support their projects in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ryazan. One of their key areas of intervention is the Genesis project. Many orphanage leavers struggle to adapt to life after the orphanage, as they become used to having everything done for them; from being told when to shower to being handed food every mealtime in the canteen. The Genesis project works to remedy this by mentoring the young people on key life skills, helping them to adapt to life on the ‘outside’. TME’s lessons could be used to support the mentors’ work by teaching the young people how to live healthily and avoid making dangerous choices.

Love Russia are especially excited to use the ‘Becoming a Woman’ lesson, as many of the orphan leavers become pregnant at a young age and aren’t well-equipped to look after their child, thus continuing the cycle. TME’s ‘Becoming a Woman’ lesson teaches girls about the different changes that occur during puberty, as well as how and why to practice safe sex, and how to build healthy relationships. TME’s DVDs offer an impersonal way of delivering such personal content, which can really help in environments where sessions are delivered by males, or the subject is seen as taboo.

Another of Love Russia’s area of focus is the Moses project, which focuses on mums in crisis due to drug addiction, abuse, or simply because they don’t have the  resources to thrive. These vulnerable mothers are also taught life skills and are supported in Love Russia’s crisis centre to get back on track. Love Russia intends to use TME’s lessons on HIV, breastfeeding, the dangers of alcohol, and becoming a woman to compliment the incredible work of the mentors.

12 of TME’s DVDs are currently making their way to the team of mentors working in western Russia, and we look forward to hearing how they will be used to contribute to Love Russia’s transformative work.