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Please note: our former name of Thare Machi Education is used in articles written before 2020.

Reaching Refugees in Uganda, Children in Cambodia and Throughout Sierra Leone

Photo: Lebanon Community Center – refugee training group in Nikivale, Uganda.

March 2021

Thousands of refugees to benefit in Uganda

We always enjoy connecting with new groups, finding out about their work, and exploring how health education might be included in their projects. We’ve recently been talking to community groups in Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda. Nakivale was first established about 60 years ago and is now home to over 130,000 refugees from different countries (source UNHCR).

We’re sending DVD packs in several languages, with the aim that community groups (like Lebanon Community Center, pictured above) will work together to reach as many of the population as possible with simple lessons for safer living.

Reaching across Sierra Leone through new partnership

New partner Sierra Leone Missions and Development Inc (SLMDInc) are to distribute packs of DVDs in our three languages for Sierra Leone (Mende, Temne and Krio) right across the country. They already work with schools, community and agricultural groups, health centres and more, in every region of Sierra Leone, and will be organising DVD viewings in as many places as possible over the coming year.
We’re grateful to Rockel Shipping who first helped us during the Ebola crisis and are kindly transporting the DVDs to Freetown to pass on to SLMDInc. Two newly published lessons are included in the shipment: Krio Human Trafficking and Temne Avoiding Ebola (also now available online).

We’re looking forward to hearing how all the DVDs are used, and to sharing more about this new and exciting project in the future.

Peace Team Cambodia

Peace Team Cambodia

Peace Team Cambodia shared on Facebook how they have been using the Human Trafficking DVD in Khmer. Hundreds of people have learned about Trafficking, and how it can be stopped.

If you know of any other organisations like these who can use the DVDs, please introduce us; we know that many groups are now starting their projects again after pausing because of COVID, and we are keen to connect with as many as possible.

New Ebola outbreaks cause concern

You may be aware that in the last few weeks cases of Ebola have been reported in Guinea and in DRC. We’re monitoring the situation, and have DVDs ready to send if needed. This is a reminder that for the communities we serve, COVID-19 is, like Ebola, another health challenge to add to the many they face every day, all of which need to be addressed to give communities the best chance to live healthy lives.