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One Light Rwanda

19th December 2018

One Light Rwanda was founded in 2012 in Musanze District in northern Rwanda.

The organisation works with families and communities in Musanze District – providing health insurance, school materials for children, building or repairing houses, vocational training for communities, micro-credit so that families can start small business.

Feedback from Hormisdas Ndagijimana, founder:

One Light using DVDs

“TME lessons in Rwanda have reached many people. Different lessons are now seen in many health centers, hospitals and villages.

Lessons reached upcountry where roads were not smooth and sometimes bridges prevented us to accomplish our work, still more DVDs are needed in villages and we cannot do anything right now, and some parts of country have not been able to receive our training and DVDs.
As we face the said challenges, nowadays we are invited in public meeting to give lessons using microphones as we are obliged to help people, but we are always asked for DVDs.”

One Light children

“TME Clubs have reached villages. One Light Rwanda distributed the DVDs to clubs of children. Children are good messengers.
We visit the families to talk about what they learnt from DVDs.
Clubs are now running they only need to be reinforced and follow up.”

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