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Please note: our former name of Thare Machi Education is used in articles written before 2020.

Local recording in DRC and Rwanda

4th June 2016

We sent one of our handheld voice recording kits (funded by the Isle of Man Government) to Rwanda, for use by our user groups to make new recordings.

Pictured above, getting to grips with the kit, are Mugisho (left) of COFAPRI and Hormisdas of One Light Rwanda, who has been instrumental in last year’s research project and the ongoing training of health workers in Rwanda.
Hormisdas is due to record the last four lessons in Kinyarwanda so that we can have a full set of lessons available for Rwanda.
Then Mugisho will record lessons in a language new to TME: Mashi, of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Mashi lessons have been requested for use in remote areas of DRC where COFAPRI are working.

Meanwhile, many congratulations to the team at COFAPRI in Democratic Republic of Congo.
They were recently awarded a trophy by community leaders in recognition of their life-changing work. COFAPRI are working in areas where other organisations simply can’t or won’t go, reaching local people with their projects, including our lessons.