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Learning with Goodwill in Madurai, India

Collaboration Project with Goodwill Social Work Centre

The Goodwill Social Work Centre in Madurai has been using our lessons for several years.
Between 2015 and 2017 they carried out an extensive project in Madurai to distribute the DVDs as widely as possible, and during that time an amazing two million viewings of DVDs were recorded, and local health co-ordinators reported reductions in Dengue fever. This work was partly funded by The Beacon Trust.
The report below covers just a fraction of the entire project.

23rd September to November 2016

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel Ph.D, Executive Director, GSWC

The Goodwill Social Work Centre (GSWC) has made collaborative arrangements with the Tamilnadu Voluntary Health organisation (TNVHA), Chennai, Tamilnadu who has shown active interest and willingness to work in close association with Goodwill to assist in the organisation of the project among its member NGOs/institutions in the newly selected districts and adjoining districts within the state of Tamilnadu.

TNVHA is a state level non-profit, secular, registered Association of Voluntary Organisations working for health promotion in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.
The organisation is actively involved in its core areas of community health and development programmes which includes networking, capacity building, lobbying, advocacy and field studies with the active participation of member NGOs in the state of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

This is a capacity building programme conducted by Goodwill Social Work Centre in association with the Tamilnadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA) at Trichy (one of the newly selected districts) and the networking NGOs selected for distribution of the DVD sets who have been working in the five selected and adjoining districts, not so far included in our project.

The programme includes the promotion of healthy living, using the DVD lessons for village women and details of DVDs duplicated at our centre and distributed to target organisations and processing of orders received from local agencies through TME, UK and the direct involvement of Social Workers in organising programmes.

The structures and the member NGOs are supported by the state level government secretariat.

Goodwill has identified seven adjoining districts wherein we can extend this project.

Phase II – Promoting Healthy Living for village women

Capacity Building Programme –organised in association with the Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA), Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Goodwill Social Work Centre organised a programme to introduce health education through the DVDs at two villages namely, Kodangipatti and Senthamangalam in the Madurai-Dindigul districts border areas.

The DVD shows were conducted for the women workers of MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) – State Government sponsored.

All of them hail from either socially or physically dysfunctional families.

The MGNREGA scheme is one of the largest “rights-based social security” programmes in India, which is open to all rural people who are willing to take up manual labour as unskilled workers.
MGNREGA is based on the ‘principle of self-selection’  –people who opt to do hard manual labour at minimum wages – will request and be given work by the state government.
The act thus promises to provide enhancement of livelihood, security of the households in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year.

The MGNREGA scheme mainly focuses on the eradication of rural poverty and making villages self sustaining through productive assets, which turn them into sustainable livelihood for rural people.

Mostly in such villages people live under highly disadvantaged conditions. Facilities are inadequate. They are dependent on agriculture and jobs as agriculture coolies/ labourers.

Basic sanitation and health facilities are lacking.

The Goodwill team visited the project location and organized the DVD shows in an open space under the trees.
Our social workers interacted with the Women viewers and explained the use of the interactive DVD lessons to acquire knowledge about health related issues and how to apply those in their lives.

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

Executive Director, Goodwill Social Work Centre

Tamilnadu, India


Dr. B. Manimegalai (the Civil Surgeon and Block Medical Officer, Uppiliyapuram Block) requested the Goodwill Social Work Centre through Mrs. Revathy, District Malaria Officer, Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Government of Tamilnadu, to organise a series of  Health awareness programmes on Malaria prevention including dengue awareness using TME DVD lessons for the outpatients visiting Government run Primary Health  Centres, namely ‘100 days workers’ under MGNREGS and village women and men.
According to the District Medical officers and District Malaria officer concerned, the number of people admitted in the primary health centres/hospital has come down to 80-150 from 250-300. The dengue reduction rate ranges from 27 percent to 50 percent.

The DVDs were distributed to the following NGOs and institutions in the region:

  • Vaigai Trust
  • Light Trust
  • Raise India Trust
  • People’s Association for Rural
  • Women Development (PARWD) Trust
  • Integrated Community
  • Development Society
  • Chevaliar Roche Society
  • Rural Institute for Community Health
  • ODAM (Organisation of Development Action and Maintenance)
  • WORD (Welfare Organisation for Rural Development) Trust
  • The Salvation Army – CHDP
  • TMSSS (Trichy Multipurpose Social Service Society)
  • SEEDS organisation
  • Nambikkai Foundation
  • Community Development Organisatio
  • Village Education and Action for Development (VEAD)
  • Upahaar Social Service Organisation
  • Shed India