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Education Saves Lives in Rwanda – Report

7th September 2017

We are delighted that the report into an evaluation of our lessons, carried out in Rwanda, has finally been published, and confirms that the lessons do help to improve health among children and families.

In the districts of Rwanda’s Northern Province where our Basic Hygiene DVD was shown, a statistically significant reduction in infection with intestinal worms and parasites was shown, and there was also a reduction in recorded cases of diarrhoea and dysentery.

The authors also say that:

“People involved in healthcare provision who were interviewed indicated anecdotally that positive changes had been observed in relation to hygiene practice and cases of related diseases. One also described how the DVD had been a useful training aid for community health workers (lay members of village communities), strengthening their capability for teaching people within their communities.
This was confirmed by the community health workers who attended the training session at which feedback was invited.
A question about whether they had found the DVD useful elicited an enthusiastic positive response, accompanied by broad smiles.
They explained that the DVD had given them additional information about key messages that they needed to disseminate within their villages.”

Health workers trained

As a result of the preliminary research report, our user group One Light Rwanda were requested to provide health workers from every health centre in the country with a set of lessons in Kinyarwanda, and also giving them training and support to ensure the lessons are used. This work has been funded by the Isle of Man government, and is finally nearing completion. With over 550 health centres across the country (source Rwanda MoH, March 2017), each with a large team of staff, and new centres opening all the time, this has been a real challenge, often made harder by difficult travelling conditions. Over 12,300 health workers have received training and now have access to lessons – by the time the project is completed every single person in Rwanda will have the potential to view the lessons, and learn how to live a healthier life. All the feedback has been really encouraging, with health workers reporting on how well the lessons have been received across the country.

Read the full report here