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DR Congo: Grassroots Group Plants Trees to Combat Climate Change

27th February 2020

[Pictured above: Jackson planting ‘gleveria’ trees in a mountainous area of DR Congo on the slopes of Mount Nyabyunyu, south of Goma.]

Jackson Byenda Kahalalo travelled for two days from Kalunga, South Kivu province of DR Congo, via Goma, to meet Clive Dove-Dixon (Chair of Education Saves Lives) who was visiting Kigali, Rwanda, as part of our outreach work.

Jackson Kahalalo meets Clive Dove-Dixon
Jackson Byenda Kahalalo meets Clive Dove-Dixon

Jackson works for the ‘Action Communautaire pour le Developpement du Kivu (ACDK) asbl’. Their aims are to: ‘Contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the poor and fragile populations of the DRC by concrete actions of self-care to fight against poverty and global warming.’

ACDK is a young organisation with 16 staff. They are currently focused on teaching villagers to plant trees because the forests where they live were cut down by the militia, during their troubles, for firewood.

Jackson saw an Education Saves Lives lesson ‘Planting Trees is Good‘ and wanted to get copies for his organisation to use.

South Kivu land preparation
Clearing the mountainside to plant trees

When Jackson contacted us he discovered that we also covered many other health and basic life education lessons.
Everyone was glad to see what else we covered. He therefore made the decision to take the long journey out of DRC and into Rwanda to meet with Clive and to get two sets of our lessons in French and Swahili.
The lessons will initially be used by a project in a primary school ‘EP BUBALE’ which is a collaboration with ACDK.
They will then be used to help health education in the villages and other schools.

ACDK asbl on Facebook.