Thare Machi (Isle of Man)

Our sister organisation Thare Machi (Isle of Man) is a registered charity (number 1143) on the island.
Thare Machi (Isle of Man) shares the aims and objectives of Education Saves Lives and is eligible to apply for grants from the Isle of Man Government for some of our shared projects.

The charity was registered in 2013.

In 2014, with funding from the Isle of Man International Development Committee, Thare Machi (Isle of Man) enabled us to launch our emergency response to the Ebola crisis in west Africa, with the fast-tracking of a new lesson.

More than 1700 copies of the DVD were distributed to users in the region, including the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone. The lesson is still being used today as communities respond to the ongoing outbreak in DRC.

The Isle of Man also funded our research project in Rwanda, which demonstrated that the lessons have a measurable impact on childhood diseases, and will save lives. A 26% reduction in parasitic infections was recorded during the research.

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A three year funded project saw the expansion of our distribution efforts in the Great Lakes region of Africa, (DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda) with lessons made available in several new languages such as Kirundi, Temne and Karamojong.

In Rwanda, as follow up to the research project, our partner trained staff from every health centre in the country on the use of the DVDs.

We are also very proud to be part of One World Centre’s charity challenge, and we have links with most of the secondary schools on the Island.

For more information about Thare Machi (Isle of Man) and its trustees please contact us directly.