“I am Frank, and my village is Munya. I am in class 6 primary. Truly, all of us here like these videos and our teachers, director and parents encourage us to live what we learn from them. There are good lessons if you can follow them well in your life. We also like them because when we finish watching, you help us exchange ideas; we get in contact with other people we never knew well before. The exchange of ideas means what I understood, what you understood and what he understood is shared via a friendly discussion among members of a team and then from there, we learn from one another.

We just renovated some of the schools Toilet for our Children in order to improve their general health and wellbeing and The Thare Machi DVD on ‘ Basic Hygiene’ really came in Handy – Simbo Oke Hojhurhoye, Kenya

Screening a TME interactive DVD with COFAPRI http://www.cofapri.org women in Munya village, on the right time for a woman to have a baby. The discussions with the women were amazing. This screening session happened one day before the women were stolen their sewing machines. One of the women avowed:
” The screening of today was very helpful. We learned a lot of things that contradict what we basically knew. In our homes, this issue of the right time to have a baby is never discussed. You see your man coming and says he needs it and you, as a wife, you have no right to say no. You give him. After you find you are pregnant and the other baby is still vey young, like six or eight months. We like we are learning how to sew and how to limit and control birth. We would love you project this with our men too. It can help them, and us too. We appreciate these instructions.”

“I never saw such interesting thing like these disks. We have been watching many of them and they all are amazing with what they teach us. We also hear from our children that they also learn from them. I have a son who used to tell us that he cannot wash his hands if he is not going to eat, but today he washes his hands every time, even four or five times. Do you not see how well you are changing the lives of many in our villages here around? We wish this screening continues this way because we are learning a lot of things from them. ” This is a testimony from Mr Kabumba Ildephonse, in yellow, from Kabamba village.

Sparkle foundation in collaboration with Agent for change in Orile Iganmu and Thare Machi Education, we were able to create awareness and show the youths of the local Orile Iganmu community the DVD, ” Say no to Glue and Drugs”. It was a huge success. Over 200 youths were addressed and shown the video. we hope to do a lot more as we are getting positive results. Thanks to Thare Machi for the excellent DVD which we found very visual and interactive.