UN Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal – Clean Water and Sanitation

‘Proper water and sanitation is a key foundation for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including good health and gender equality.’ – UN

Our lessons encourage sustainable and healthy water access. Having access to safe water saves lives, nourishes communities and helps economies to thrive. Making the division between a water source and a place to defecate is a significant part of our ‘Safe Water’ lesson.
Below are a number of our DVDs which relate directly to ensuring people have access to and knowledge about clean water and sanitation.
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SDG DVD: Cholera

  • Teaches the causes of cholera and how to treat it, as well as advice on how to prevent it.
  • Teaches the symptoms of the illness such as diarrhoea and dehydration so they can identify it as quickly as possible and get the medical help that they need.
  • The DVD is part of a series of lessons on Health.


SDG DVD: Diarrhoea

  • Raises awareness of the seriousness of the illness, which results in many children’s’ deaths each year.
  • Teaches the dangers of germs and importance of toilet hygiene and washing hands with soap and water.
  • Teaches parents the importance in keeping their child’s fluid levels up by extra breastfeeding if they are young enough, or providing them with lots of clean drinking water.
  • Teaches how to make a simple rehydration mixture.
  • The DVD is part of a series of lessons on Health.

Basic Hygiene

Basic Hygiene SDG DVD

  • Stresses the importance of keeping themselves, their children and their home clean and gives advice on how to achieve this.
  • The lesson teaches about toilet hygiene, food preparation, child and baby hygiene, obtaining safe drinking water, and how to keep houses clean.
  • The DVD is part of a series of lessons on Healthy Living.

Safe Water

Safe Water SDG DVD

  • Teaches the importance of using safe water and how to obtain it.
  • The lesson teaches the viewer to always get water from a clean, safe source such as a pipe or a pump, rather than an open pool.
  • Also teaches viewers with no access to clean water how to make their water safe by boiling it to kill off any germs.
  • Also shows a simple method of purifying water by letting it stand in a clear bottle or container in sunlight for a couple of days.
  • Teaches how to store water to ensure it stays safe and clean.
  • This DVD is part of a series of lessons on Healthy Living.