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Living with HIV – ZULU

Ukuphila Negciwane Lesandulela Ngculazi

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Living with HIV

The Zulu ‘Living with HIV’ DVD teaches how HIV is spread, how to prevent it and how to cope if you have the disease..
HIV is most commonly spread through unprotected sex and the DVD emphasises the importance of using contraception even if both partners have HIV.
The disease can also be spread from a mother to her baby and through contact with HIV infected blood.
The viewer is advised to visit their local health centre and get tested if they have any concerns.
The lesson teaches how to cope with HIV by confiding in someone and also by ensuring the person with HIV stays healthy through eating good food and drinking clean water.
Although HIV is incurable, a sufferer can take medicine to help fight off other illnesses which might attack their weakened immune system.
One of the main lessons the viewer learns is that it is still possible to lead a normal life and earn a living even if they have HIV. Discussing and raising awareness of HIV is a vital way of ending discrimination and common misconceptions about the disease.

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This DVD is part of a series of educational lessons in Zulu on HIV/AIDS.

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