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World Population Day – 2019

214 million women around the world want to plan their families, to decide for themselves when to have a baby and how many children to have, but do not have access to the right contraceptive information. You may not have thought of having access to family planning as a human right, but it becomes obvious when we talk about giving women and girls the right to avoid the exhaustion, depletion and danger of going through too many pregnancies, too close together.

800 women die every day due to childbirth

800 women die every day due to childbirth, and there are 15 million pregnancies every year among 15 to 19-year-old girls. The demand and need for family planning is clear, and Thare Machi Education is working hard to ensure that parents and young people receive the right information to make informed decisions about having children.

When To Have a Baby

When to Have a Baby TME DVDs
TME produces educational lessons, translated into local languages, to help communities live safer and more fruitful lives.
TME’s lesson, ‘When To Have a Baby’, teaches women how to reduce the risks involved in pregnancy and childbirth to ensure the mother and baby are both healthy.

Although there will always be exceptions, the lesson advises women against having children before the age of 18 or after the age of 35.
It also teaches the dangers of having more than four children and that they should wait at least two years between pregnancies to allow the body to fully recover.

The DVD encourages parents to discuss effective contraceptive options with healthcare workers, as there is an abundance of ineffective and harmful contraceptive techniques.

In some communities, women use soap, lemon slices, vinegar and even Coca Cola to ‘wash out’ the sperm after sex, some men use plastic bags or ice lolly wrappers instead of condoms, and 74% of young people in Palawan, the Philippines, believed that jumping up and down after sex prevents pregnancy.

These methods may leave women (and men) with an infection, serious pain, and, in almost all cases, a baby.

TME works in communities to help parents and young people understand the many issues around family planning, healthy pregnancy, and effective contraception.

You can help us to reach communities with life-changing information by supporting our work here.

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