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Randa Alsomali: Volunteering Gave Me Confidence

A lot of our lessons have been translated by volunteers from the nearby Universities of Coventry and Warwick.
We met post graduate Randa at the Volunteering Fair at Coventry University in 2018, and she was really excited to get involved translating and recording lessons in Arabic.

She’s already contributed to several of our Arabic lessons and hopes to carry on to help us make as many lessons as possible.
Here’s an extract of Randa’s story of how she got involved, and the impact it had on her.

Volunteering Gave Me Confidence

“I came across the stand for the charity ‘Thare Machi Education’ (TME) who were looking for volunteers and what they wanted sounded very interesting.”
“Thare Machi Education makes ‘basic life-saving information accessible to some of the world’s poorest people, especially women and children, in their own languages’. I wanted to be able to use my language to be able to translate some of this information so it could be used to educate non-English-speaking refugees around the world.”

At first Randa was a little shy as this was the first time that she had done anything outside of University and she wasn’t sure if her English was good enough to be able to understand what she was hoping to translate:

“I was made to feel very welcome by the local TME group and they soon made me feel relaxed.
The work they do is amazing. Some people lose out on basic health information because there are not enough resources for them to get access to it.
This health education material is intended for some of the most vulnerable people in society and by getting the material translated into as many different languages as possible, means that more people can benefit.”

Randa had to translate, and then record, various health education materials into Arabic which was quite daunting because she wasn’t used to the recording equipment, but she soon got the hang of it.

“No-one likes to hear the sound of their own voice, but I had to keep telling myself that it was for a good cause and that a lot of people would benefit from it.” “Everyone has been so very friendly and supportive. No pressure was put on me to perform at a certain pace, I was allowed to take on as much translating that I could cope with.” “My time management has improved and the volunteering has been a nice contrast to the challenges of studying. I am glad I had this outlet to do something good with what skills I had to offer. “
“You don’t know until you try if you are going to be good at something and this experience has taught me that anything is possible.”

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Volunteering Gave Me Confidence