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Project Afghanistan – Well Underway!

15th May 2018

Our new work in Afghanistan is progressing quickly, with 13 lessons already translated into Pashto.

In December, you helped us to raise £8000 in the Christmas Challenge, meaning we could launch a new project in Afghanistan. We have been hard at work with our local coordinator, Qiyamud Din, to get all of our life-saving lessons translated into Pashto.

Qiyamud is already making links with lots of grassroots organisations in Kabul and beyond, so that we have a strong network of people to use and distribute our DVDs once they are all translated. Meanwhile, our team in the UK head office are busy converting Qiyamud’s recordings to be copied onto DVDs and sent out as soon as possible.

Afghanistan has the world’s 15th lowest GDP and a startlingly high infant mortality rate, and many people still require basic health and medical education on topics such as disease prevention, the dangers of smoking, and family planning.

Lack of safe water, especially in Kabul, means that deaths from water-borne diseases and malaria are still alarmingly high. Because many people live a 2 hour walk away from health centres, we are aiming to educate communities in disease causes and prevention.

Thanks to your help with the Christmas Challenge, we will be able to reach thousands of vulnerable Afghans with life-saving information, and help them to protect themselves against dangerous diseases and health threats.