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New Lessons for Universal Children’s Day

To mark the UN’s Universal Children’s Day 2017 we are pleased to launch two new online lessons.
The DVD versions of “Becoming a Woman” and “Becoming a Man” are some of the most requested lessons, so we have converted them to the online format and they can now be viewed direct from our website via the internet.

We firmly believe that children should be allowed to be children, for as long as they need. We also believe that, when the time is right, they should have access to basic information that will help them understand the journey of becoming an adult. These lessons provide important facts about the physical and emotional changes that children go through and give suggestions about what they can do if they are finding it difficult. Most importantly they are in the child’s own language, so they are easy to understand and use.

The “Becoming and Woman” and “Becoming a Man” lessons are a helpful tool for those from the age of 12.
They are not suitable for very young children, and we recommend that parents or responsible adults watch the lesson first so that they know what questions might be asked afterwards. We hope the lessons will help children feel more confident, and give them a clearer understanding of what is happening to them as they become adults themselves.

Becoming a Woman is available in 25 languages and Becoming a Man in 21.

To view the lessons online you need to register first. It is best to use the Firefox or Chrome internet browser.