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COVID-19 Virus and Hygiene

Now available:

Education Saves Lives – Covid 19 (Corona Virus) Online Lesson
An online lesson based on the latest advice from the World Health Organisation as of March 2020.

28th February 2020

As COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) continues to spread around the world, and to places where the health infrastructure may not be so strong, getting the RIGHT information is really important.

The World Health Information has up-to-date advice, which most governments will follow and promote – you can find it here.

The Education Saves Lives Basic Hygiene DVDs can be a vital resource in helping to prevent the spread of diseases.

The washing of hands with soap and water is the basis of good hygiene and viewers are taught to encourage their children to do the same.
The lesson teaches about toilet hygiene, food preparation, child and baby hygiene and how to keep houses clean.
The viewer is taught the basics of good hygiene and how crucial it is to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Our simple, interactive, audio-visual Basic Hygiene DVD lessons are available in 45 languages and we provide them for free (as with all our DVDs).

Of course donations to contribute to production and delivery are always welcome and will help us to expand our work.

For those with stable internet access, all our lessons can also be viewed online.
Search for our Online Lessons in your language here.

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