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Coronavirus lesson updated for 2021

The Education Saves Lives lesson about coronavirus has been updated to include the latest advice on vaccination, face coverings and staying away from crowded areas. At the time of writing, four languages are available: English, Hausa, Hindi and Spanish, and more will follow. The original version of the lesson is still available online in languages including Bengali, Igbo, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Gujarati: these will be updated as we can.

Many of our lesson users had to suspend or change their own projects due to lockdowns or other restrictions in 2020, but there had been signs of improvement recently. We encourage all our users to follow local advice on social distancing and face coverings whenever they show DVDs, like Community Action for the Development of Kivu (ACDK) in DRC, pictured above.

It does seem, sadly, that one of the effects of the pandemic is going to be the worsening of existing health problems for the most vulnerable. We will be continuing to offer DVDs to any groups who can use them in the months ahead, and in 2021 we have so far sent out over 16,000 DVDs, while more than 1,000 lessons are also available online.