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  1. Laura Lee ( Thompson ) Beeghley. , East Coast, USA

    I wish I could have known her. She seems to be a very special person, who has done fabulous work. It takes love and patience to accomplish so much .

  2. Veronica Moss, Southend-on-Sea, UK

    I first met Helen when she invited me to join the Steering Committee she chaired that led the petition and campaign to re- open thé Mildmay Mission Hospital after its closure by the NHS in 1982. In 1985 she invited me to apply for the position of Medical Director of the newly re-opened Mildmay as an independent Christian Hospital , which I did. I was appointed and served with Helen as the Chair of the Board of Governors as we developed Europe’s first Hospice Programme for AIDS patients together with Ruth Sims and a team we recruited especially for this. The first ward was opened for people with AIDS in 1988. Helen was an inspirational, supportive, and strong leader, with clear entrepreneurial skills, but it was her faith in God that was the most impressive. Thank you, Helen, for your courage , love and support for so many suffering people, not only at Mildmay, but also in the many other ventures you led or contributed to.

  3. Ted Lankester, writer and doctor from Sussex

    I first new Helen many years back when she had a vital role in maintaining the Mildmay Mission Hospital, especially during the time when it became an AIDS Hospice. I had worked there for 12 months. Many years later Helen shared her initial ideas about what is now Education Saves Lives, as we had a long discussion during a garden party. I was excited the way she was describing her emerging vision. I’ve enjoyed Helen’s hospitality, sharing a lovely meal and fellowship with her and her late husband across Ashdown Forest in Nutley. Helen has been a UK, and even world leader, in social enterprise which is one of today’s biggest secrets for progression. Also a gentle but effective champion of female leadership, needed more than ever. All her multiple contributions will live on as her legacy for the world, and as memorable service for God’s Kingdom

  4. Shine from Burmer

    I have heard about TT since i was young through my Aunt who always talk about her.
    And my Aunt always wanted me to get chance to connect with TT to get my Education Higher and wanted me to get Scholarship through her service.
    My Aunt has the same believe as TT which she always used to say that “Education Saves Lives”.
    It was very unfortunate that when i visit to this site today and i am seeing the nes about her Journey to the HEAVEN.

    May your Soul be REST-in PEACE & your Dreams be fulfill by your Pupils till the End of World !

    Rangoon, Burma

  5. Caro Swan (formerly Carolyn Dobney)

    I knew ‘TT’ very well – I lived at Mildmay in the Nurses’ Home during the re-opening of Mildmay in the mid-80s. I was Minutes Secretary for the Board when TT was the Chair. I remember going to her beautiful home in Ashdown Forest one time when she asked me to ‘sort out her paperwork’. I spent the whole weekend making piles on piles of papers on her vast lounge floor (I was grateful the room was big enough, and grateful it wasn’t a windy day). I remember marvelling at how incredible this woman was and the impact she had on many lives. She was a force to be reckoned with, with the hugest of compassionate hearts. She will be missed, and leaves big shoes to fill. RIP TT.

  6. Rosemary Clarke, local rep for Education Saves Lives, Peel, Isle of Man

    What an extraordinary woman! Her interest and commitment to Education Saves Lives went very deep and I understand that even in her nineties she was in daily touch about progress. I visited her a couple of times with my brother Stephen who led ESL for many years. Indomitable. Forward thinking. An enabler. Interested in everything. Very caring. A woman of faith. What a difference she has made to so many people.

  7. Mr. Jo, Communication Manager, School for Life Chiang Mai Thailand (Education Saves Lives lesson user)

    We are very sad to hear that Helen Taylor Thompson passed away. On behalf of “School for Life Chiang Mai Thailand”, I would like to send our deepest condolences to all the staff of your organization and Helen’s family. The educational and health lessons of DVDs are very informative and interesting for our children.

  8. Olasimbo Ojuroye CEO Sparkle Foundation (Education Saves Lives lesson user)

    We never met you in person but you vision reached the world. Sparkle foundation is one of the beneficiaries of the priceless Educational and health Videos which has helped a great deal sensitise our Children.
    A great philanthropist! May you kind soul rest in peace. May God give the family she left behind the strength to carry on.

  9. Evanson Njeru, Compassion CBO, Kenya. (Education Saves Lives lesson user)

    It was with great sadness we learnt of passing away of Helen Margaret Taylor. A great educationist. We send our condolences to family members, friends and the Charity as a whole. Here at Compassion CBO in Kenya are beneficiaries of the DVDS and we use them in our organization to teach many things to many underprivileged children in our school , youths , and whole community on various topics . The Lessons from the DVDS are very inspirational and have transformed the lives of many people here. She has left a great legacy. Farewell thee Helen Margaret Taylor.

    By Evanson Njeru.
    Compassion CBO program manager,.
    P.o. Box 12497-00400 Nairobi-Kenya.

  10. Dr Rukaiyatu Ahmed FREE CCO (Education Saves Lives lesson user)

    So sorry to hear the loss of Helen. She was indeed a remarkable women that rendered selfless service to humanity and made a great impact on the umderpreviledge children through the very innovative educational saves lives program. She is a role model that should be emulated.
    On behalf of the foundation for refugee economic empowerment (FREE), I wish to send our condrlescences to all the staff of your organization and Helens family on this great loss.

  11. Sister Bernie Devine SP: Mildmay Lead Chaplain

    Only very rarely does one have the joy and privilege in life to meet someone like Helen Taylor Thompson, the Foundress of Mildmay Mission Hospital. She will surely be resting in God’s peace and still praying for us at Mildmay. May God reward her faithfulness and loving, strong belief. She was certainly one of God’s chosen responding to the Call to serve the vulnerable and needy, especially those with HIV and related illnesses. This truly remarkable woman encapsulated the finest qualities that any person could hope to employ in relating to and caring for others. Her trust in the Living God was ‘unshakeable’ and in the words of Professor Lord McColl, from the Forward in the publication, ‘The Birth and Rebirth of a of a unique Hospital.’ written by Helen’s beloved husband, Derek Taylor Thompson, “What God did, (with Helen’s full cooperation), was indeed a MIRACLE”.
    Eternal rest give to Helen, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her, may she rest in peace. Amen.

  12. Sr Marie Therese Connor osm. Former member of Mildmay Hospital UK.

    Helen, It is has been a privilege to have worked with you over the years and to be able to call you a friend. Your faith, your unfailing energy, optimism and vision were an inspiration to me. I can only give thanks for all you have been, throughout your life, to so many people, in so many situations. Your legacy will live on in the people whose lives you have touched and the works you have championed – always with strength, commitment, belief in what was right and true, no matter the cost to yourself. Most of all, you will be remembered for your love; a love that had its roots in your deep Christian faith, in prayer and in your understanding of the place of God in your life. Thank you Helen. May you rest in peace.

  13. Caroline Chartres, TME/Education Saves Lives

    Many have commented that Helen was never afraid to ask — always on behalf of others — but she never asked of others even a fraction of what she demanded of herself. Thank God for her life and example, her energy and enthusiasm, her inspiration and her friendship. May she rest in peace (never better earned!), and rise in glory.

  14. Abba Abuna Director Alansar Academy, Maiduguri, Borno State. (Education Saves Lives lesson user)

    Helen truly you live a life worthy of emulation. You contributed alot in the area of supply of educational materials to schools and communities.
    Adieu Helen, rest on.

  15. Judi Scott Nunn (FANY PRVC)

    I have many memories of Helen from FANY events to working together on PR and fund raising for a while for Starfish to our (frequent) lunches at the Oxford & Cambridge Club when she came up to London. And of course the wonderful Teddy Bear’s I last saw her at the D-Day Celebrations in Southsea in 2019 when she enthralled Justin Trudeau among others.

    She was indomitable, terrifyingly active and difficult to keep up with. From her work at Bletchley to the causes that mattered, not that were popular. She bulldozed away opposition and encouraged others to go along with her. And, unlike many of us she did not allow life to get in the way of her work, despite having her own family concerns to deal with.

    I am very sad that I did not see her again post D-Day. Thank you Helen for everything you have given the world; I will think of you often and hope some of your strength will trickle down. My deepest condolences to all her family.

  16. Vinod Tailor (Friend and Patron of Education Saves Lives)

    Helen- Amazing lady with huge gift of persuasion. To me, Helen was motherly mentor and as a person who is larger than life.
    It is an privilege to be able to help Starfish Initative which Helen had started.
    My Heartfelt Condolences to family, but we must celebrate her rich life.
    Thank you Helen for all you have done in Uganda and other parts of the World.
    I will cherish these fond memories.
    Lots of love


  17. Steve Lowry - patient of Mildmay

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
    You are truly an inspirational woman. I never met you, but owe you so much
    Be at peace Xx

  18. Stephen Clarke - Friend, former director and trustee of Thare Machi Education (Education Saves Lives)

    It has been an absolute privilege and honour to have worked with Helen over the past 20 years – she was, at the same time, inspiring, strong, humble, caring, challenging, thought-provoking, determined and generous.
    She has influenced the lives of both Sarah and myself and taken me to places both physically and personally that I would never have reached on my own.
    This is a very sad time but Helen leaves a trace that will never perish, spoil or fade – we need more people like her now more than ever.

  19. Jane Cook (trained as a nurse at Mildmay Mission Hospital)

    I remember Mrs Taylor Thompson from when Mildmay Mission Hospital was threatened with closure and then closed. She could see the benefits of Mildmay continuing and a need it could fulfill at that time. Mrs Taylor Thompson was a visionary and a force to be reckoned with. She leaves a huge legacy and her work made such a difference in people’s lives – and will continue to do so.

  20. Esme Howard (Friend and Paton of Education Saves Lives)

    Although this was expected it comes as a big blow. She was a phenomenon in her own right.

  21. Andrew Shannon (Godson) and family Bev and Francesca Shannon

    Dearest Helen – a most remarkable, intelligent and totally self-less lady who always put others before herself and who would never take “no” for an answer! I have been so privileged to have you as my Godmother and will miss you so much. We know you will be now at peace alongside your dear husband Derek and beloved daughter Catherine. Our thoughts are with daughter Bopha, grand-daughter Tara, her brother and their respective families, as well as those in the charities and projects to which you were so devoted. With love Andrew Shannon, wife Bev and daughter Francesca xx

    Gloria and Bob Griffiths
    Helen is our son in law’s Godmother whom we first met in 1997 at Andrew and Bev’s wedding. We recognised her as a lady of immense quiet strength, kindness and grace. It was a privilege to know her. RIP Helen. Gloria and Bob Griffiths

  22. Dr.Christopher Daniel, Executive Director, Goodwill Social Work Centre India (Local partner of Education Saves Lives)

    Helen was not only a great visionary but also amazing humanitarian with a caring and loving heart! My wife and I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Helen Taylor Thompson at the TME event held in the River room,House of Lords,London,UK on 4th July 2017.
    Though she is not with us she is safe in the arms of Jesus.

    Dr.J.Christopher Daniel and
    Mrs.Kala Christopher
    Goodwill Social Work Centre

  23. Rachel Butt, Director, Education Saves Lives

    Helen had tremendous vision, but also the determination to see that vision brought to reality. She was incredibly gracious, and always so encouraging and supportive. It was clear that she drew additional strength from the support of her family and friends, and from her own deep faith. I will miss her very much, it’s a privilege to be part of her work, and we will do our best to honour her memory by building on that legacy.

  24. Lorraine Cocksey, Supporter, Mildmay

    Such sad news, R.I.P.

  25. Mandy Greenwood, Supporter, Mildmay

    Sharing your sadness.

  26. Agnetha Kelleher, Supporter, Mildmay

    The world is poorer for Helen’s passing but richer for her existence.

  27. Alexandra Lewis, Supporter, Mildmay

    Sad news. Condolences to her family and Mildmay.

  28. Tobias Payne, Supporter, Mildmay

    My deepest condolences and good luck.

  29. John Emery, Supporter, Mildmay

    May her legacy continue to shine through all the wonderful things accomplished by Mildmay.

  30. Ann Hare, Supporter, Mildmay

    Condolences to all her family & do hope Mildmay Hospital remains & continues with all it’s good work!!

  31. Joseph McInally, Supporter, Mildmay

    So sorry to hear it. May she rest in peace.
    Sounds like she did a lot with her life.
    Condolences to her friends and family.

  32. Suzanne Simpson, Supporter, Mildmay

    RIP my condolences to family and friends.

  33. Hugh Edwards, Supporter, Mildmay

    My condolences.

  34. Tracey Yewman, Supporter, Mildmay

    So sad, hope the hospital stays open in her memory.

  35. Andy Browne, Supporter, Mildmay

    All the more reason to fight the closure and not denigrate her memory or her dedication

  36. Heather Douglas, Supporter, Mildmay

    Sincere condolences and lets all keep supporting this in honour of this wonderful lady.

  37. Philip Mansfield, Supporter, Mildmay

    What a wonderful person, may she RIP. She will be sorely missed.

  38. David Ellerton, Supporter, Mildmay

    Brave Lady who by all accounts, GOT things done for the good of others.
    So we had just better make sure that it continues NOW.
    Or, we are letting this person down and the others she saved.
    Hugs xx

  39. Catherine Parry, Supporter, Mildmay

    Keep going for this brave lady who started Mildmay, honouring her memory would be the right thing.
    RIP Dear Lady.

  40. Karon Turner-Hawes, Supporter, Mildmay

    So sorry to hear she has died.
    I worked many years with her and she was such an inspirational lady.
    RIP Mrs TT.

  41. Denise Douglas, Supporter, Mildmay

    So sorry to hear this sad news.
    I worked at Mildmay in the 90’s, UK & Uganda, where she and her husband visited us, her energy and vision was always an inspiration. Grounded in her strong Faith.
    “ Well done good and faithful servant, welcome to the banquet of the Lord”

  42. Alex Mark Hanson, Supporter, Mildmay

    Rest in Peace Helen.
    A Star.
    My thoughts with everyone at Mildmay.

  43. Fran Brough, Supporter, Mildmay

    So sorry, she was an amazing woman, the Mildmay wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t had the strength of character she did, she will be missed

  44. Sharon Smith, Supporter, Mildmay

    Helen was a remarkable lady and a very strong character. Had lots of happy times with Helen.
    She was a very generous lady and will be very much missed by Mildmay.
    May you rest in peace now.

  45. Sue Gardner, Supporter, Mildmay

    Very sorry to hear this, she was a wonderful lady and was a great asset to Mildmay and loved by all of us that worked at there.

  46. Alec Kemp, Supporter, Mildmay

    So sorry to hear this news. I worked at the Mildmay during the 1990’s and was inspired by Helen’s enthusiasm and dedication to the work of Mildmay. RIP.

  47. Charmaine Edwards, Supporter, Mildmay

    RIP lovely Lady XXX

  48. Meshigener Hobson, Supporter, Mildmay

    What an amazing woman! We are so indebted to you! Thank you (just doesn’t seem enough)

  49. Mukama Semei, Supporter, Mildmay

    Oh dear. Sorry for the loss of our resource as Mildmay.
    My heartfelt, deepest condolences to the Mildmay fraternity

  50. Caroline Pidgeon, Supporter, Mildmay

    Sad at the passing of Helen Taylor-Thompson. A truly incredible woman.
    Helen was a WW2 heroine and also led the campaign in the 80s to save MildmayUK and create the UK’s first HIV/AIDS hospice, becoming its first chair.
    Helen continued her charitable work up to her death. RIP.

  51. Saving Lives UK, Supporter, Mildmay

    She did some incredible work in her time and will be missed. Our thoughts are with you, her family and friends.

  52. Fred Ellis, Supporter, Mildmay

    Just read the obituary in today’s Telegraph. What an incredible life.
    Working as an SOE agent in the war and founding the first AIDs hospice.

  53. Carolanne Brannan, Supporter, Mildmay

    What an absolute powerhouse of a woman. Co-founder of this fantastic beacon of care, London was truly privileged to host the first HIV hospice in Europe.
    Rest in peace, you have set a wonderful example.

  54. Dr Emmanuel Luyirika B.K., African Palliative Care Association Former Country Director, Mildmay Uganda

    So sad a moment for Mildmay family. I remember her so well both at Mildmay Uganda and in UK. May her soul rest in peace.

  55. Judith Cox, Supporter, Mildmay

    Amazing, inspired woman with a vision for health equality and care and compassion.

  56. Jeremy Barr, Supporter, Mildmay

    A life lived with focus, tenacity and commitment.
    An example to all.

  57. Lynn McCreadie, Supporter, Mildmay

    Helen was a uniquely peaceful wise and compassionate being ~ Fly High Helen

  58. Harriet Obbo, Mildmay Uganda

    My deepest condolences. May her legacy live on!

  59. David Kavuma, Lecturer, Mildmay Uganda

    Oh no! May her soul rest in peace!

  60. Elizabeth Okware, Mildmay Uganda

    So sad for Mildmay family

  61. Barbara Mukasa, Executive Officer, Mildmay Uganda

    How sad that the world has lost such a wonderful leader.

  62. Elizabeth Oluoch, Executive Officer, Mildmay Kenya

    She was advocate of justice for the vulnerable and voiceless in society and she will be missed

  63. Walter Jaoko MBChB, MTropMed, PhD, PGD (Health Research Ethics), Chair, Mildmay Kenya

    It is sad to hear of the passing on of Helen.
    She has fought a good fight, she has run the race, she has kept the faith. As was said of King David “When David had served God’s purposes in his own generation, he fell asleep….” so can be said of Helen.
    She served God’s purposes in her own generation.
    May the Lord comfort her family during this time of grief.

  64. Geoff Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, Mildmay

    If you were to celebrate a life, then what a life she led, to celebrate!
    So, let’s remember to do just that and celebrate all that she achieved both directly and through many others that she influenced and taught.

  65. The Prebendary Ronald Swan, Mildmay Trustee

    Well, there’s a force of nature and a faithful disciple …… Thanks be to God for a life well-lived!
    May she rest in peace!

  66. The Very Revd John Richardson, Chair, Mildmay UK

    I first met Helen Taylor Thompson in 1999, when she was President of Mildmay, and I was beginning my own involvement with the charity. For the next twenty years that relationship blossomed, as together, we examined both old and novel ideas for taking Mildmay forward.

    Her incredible determination, strong character, generosity and prayerfulness were the very foundation of all that she stood for as a deeply committed Christian leader with a missionary zest – a passion for the alleviation of HIV in her lifetime.
    We learned much from her example and will treasure her memory and gifting, as we thank God for her blessed life and energetic devotion to the cause.

  67. Xander Bennett (Education Saves Lives, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    I didn’t know Helen properly as I only met her once briefly but it was obvious from that that she was a lovely woman.
    But her idea for Education Saves Live (formerly TME) was absolutely first class!

  68. West Africa Child Fund (friend of Education Saves Lives, Sierra Leone)

    May her gentle soul rest in peace

  69. Tony Cottingham (friend and supporter of Education Saves Lives)

    Thank you for sharing the sad news of Helen’s passing, which as you hint is the final good news she believes in for eternity.
    Our sadness is her joy, with faith in the risen Lord who ‘makes all things new’.

  70. Tashinga Chitunhu (Education Saves Lives, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Oh that’s heartbreaking news, but she lived a wonderful long life and accomplished so much and helped so many people.
    She was a trailblazer and her impact and legacy will last long after we’ve all gone.
    RIP to an amazing woman

  71. Suvad Gromilic (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Sad news and thoughts and prayers for family

  72. Subehude Tanzania (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Tanzania)

    On behalf of SuBeHuDe Tanzania, we are so sorry to hear this saddest news.
    What an amazing charity and greater initiative she founded to give back to the communities.
    Our heartfelt condolences to her family, loved friends and all she co-worked with.

  73. Sparkle Charity (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Nigeria)

    Really sad, but we are grateful for the lives she touched through her amazing initiative.
    All of us at Sparkle foundation extend our condolences to her family, and the entire team of Education saves lives.
    May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  74. Simon Mabley (supporter, friend and former trustee of Education Saves Lives)

    Very sad news indeed.
    She certainly leaves an incredible legacy through the work that you and others still do.

  75. Shahnaz Ali (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Very sorry to hear.
    May she rest in peace and my condolences to her family.
    May her legacy live on

  76. Santigie Bayo Dumbuya (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Sierra Leone)

    Ah God, so sorry to hear this, Team We Yone Child Foundation Sierra Leone sends our deepest condolences to the family and staff of Education save Lives.

  77. Rohan Martyres (formerly of CAN Impact, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation), Sameera Hijazi (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Very sad news.
    Something that was expected but still hurts…

  78. Richard Suffern (friend, collaborator and Chaplain of Education Saves Lives)

    Many thanks for the message.
    Sorry to hear about Helen, but no doubt she has been raised to a glorious eternity.
    What an inspiration.

  79. Qiyamud Din (collaborator and Education Saves Lives lesson user, Afghanistan)

    Oh, that’s really sad..
    May her soul rest in peace!

  80. Phocas Musemakweli (Friend of Education Saves Lives, Rwanda)

    So Sad to hear.
    RIP to Helen

  81. Paul McCall (Education Saves Lives, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Helen thank you for your long life and wonderful contributions and helping so many.

  82. Paul Boateng (Patron of Education Saves Lives and Friend)

    Thank you for sharing this. Helen was a tireless and inspirational development activist who I recall with great fondness.
    Please pass on my condolences to her family.
    Thank you for all you and your colleagues are doing to build on her legacy in these challenging times.

  83. Olu Olasode (supporter, friend and former trustee of Education Saves Lives)

    I will sorely miss her, but we thank God for a good life and a great legacy.
    I will never forget Helen’s great mentoring right from my younger age at Mildmay 20 years ago.
    It is well.

  84. Nzigamasabo Léonidas (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Burundi)

    Condolences to her. RIP

  85. Nina Wadia (Patron of Education Saves Lives and Friend)

    I was very saddened to hear this news on Sunday.
    She was like a mentor to me in the charity world. I was inspired by her kindness, her Relentlessness in getting things done and the Joy she brought into people’s lives.
    My fondest memory of her is laughing in the House of Commons before during and after my speech. She was a witty clever and beautiful woman.
    The world will be a sadder place without her.
    Please pass on my condolences to her family.

  86. Mugisho Ndabuli (local partner of Education Saves Lives, DRC)

    We are saddened to hear about this sad news of the death of the founder of Education Saves Lives, former TME, Taylor Thompson.
    Her determination will remain known through Education Saves Lives projects.
    May she rest in eternal peace

  87. Mayowa Agienoji (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    This is very sad! Sincere condolences to her family.

  88. Maria Papayannakis (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Our prayers are with her family.

  89. Margaret Stone (friend of Education Saves Lives and collaborator)

    That is sad, but Helen had a long and inspiring life. I remember meeting her and feeling very privileged.
    The charity is a wonderful legacy that she leaves behind.

  90. Manasse Ntwari (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Rwanda)

    With heartfelt, we are saddened to hear the death of our founder, may her Soul Rest in Peace.
    Condolences from Rwanda

  91. Louise Whitelegg (Trustee of TME Isle of Man)

    Such sad news, a mixed feeling when health is failing.
    The legacy she leaves is amazing!

  92. Linda Bennett (Patron of Education Saves Lives and Friend)

    Thank you so much for letting me know. It is indeed very sad, but was a very well lived life.
    She did such a lot for so many people.

  93. Lighton Kanjunga (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Zambia)

    I am saddened by the sad news of the death of the founder of your organisation Hellen Taylor Thomson who died on Sunday September 6th shortly after her 96th birthday.
    Looking at what she has done I would like to express my deepest condolences to the deceased family and the organisation Education Saves Lives.

  94. Leah Cook (formerly of CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    There will certainly be a void left in the many lives she touched but also a wonderful legacy left in her place.

  95. Kirstin Ross (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    That is sad news indeed. She was a truly inspirational woman whose legacy lives on.

  96. Kamrul Islam (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Thank you for letting us know, my thoughts and prayers with her family.

  97. Dr Josephine Munthali (Patron of Education Saves Lives and former trustee)

    I am really saddened by Helen’s passing. Thank you so much for alerting me as I didn’t know. I will miss her terribly.
    I remember Helen with love the time she came to Edinburgh and we met.
    We just clicked.
    I will continue to support the good work which Helen initiated.

  98. Jane Shakespeare (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Fig Tree Foundation, Sierra Leone & Australia)

    Very sad, a wonderful initiative she started and a true legacy, may Lady Helen Taylor Thompson Rest In Peace.
    My condolences and much love sent to her friends and family

  99. Hormisdas Ndagijimana (local partner of Education Saves Lives, Rwanda)

    Oh! Sorry to hear this. So sad!
    May her Soul Rest in Peace

  100. Hellen Aka-ere (friend of Education Saves Lives, Ghana)

    May her soul rest in peace

  101. Greg Woolley (formerly of CAN Impact, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    That’s really sad, but what an inspirational life she had! Thanks for sharing this with me.

  102. Elisabeth Bryant (supporter and lesson user)

    Thank you so much for letting us know of Helen Taylor Thompson’s death.
    What a legacy!

  103. Debbie Hill (supporter of Education Saves Lives and collaborator)

    So sorry to hear this. So glad I was able to meet her.
    The next item on my Facebook feed included …’being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind’….that says it all!!
    Bless you Helen.

  104. Compassion CBO (friend of Education Saves Lives, Kenya)

    My condolences. RIP.

  105. Colleen Robinson (friend, supporter and former trustee of Education Saves Lives)

    Very sad to hear of Helen’s death. I emailed her a few months back to find out how she was and got a lovely reply. The end of an era. She will be sorely missed.

  106. Chris Crowstaff and Andrew Sampson - volunteer webmasters for Education Saves Lives and friends

    It has been a total privilege to be involved in Helen’s work over the years.
    We have such fond memories of Helen, who we had the honour of spending time with in Dorset, on our wedding anniversary in 2016 – together with Bopha and Richard.
    Listening to her made us realise that we can still do so much more in our own lives. A truly inspirational soul.
    Through Education Saves Lives, we have developed several close and valued friendships.
    Helen’s memory will live on in her work which epitomises her compassion and dedication to others.
    Thank you Helen.

  107. Caroline Johnston (supporter of Education Saves Lives)

    So sorry to hear this sad news. What an amazing charity she founded. Condolences to her family, friends and all she worked with.

  108. Carol Bayada (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Thank you for letting us know. Love and prayers for her family.

  109. Bev Pettle - former team member of Thare Machi Education (now Education Saves Lives))

    That is very sad news. Helen was such a big character and such a force for good. Hers is indeed the epitome of a life well lived.
    She will be fondly remembered by many people, including me.

  110. Sr Betsy (long time friend and Education Saves Lives lesson user, India)

    It is a great loss for us in WDC .GUWAHATI.
    In the initial stage of our organisation she helped us with not only CD But number of computers too In N.Esat India it was a fire, many young people got a chance to learn basic computers and became interested in learning more .
    I had the fortune to visit her in Her home when uncle was alive. May her soul Rest in peace. My prayers and Condolences to all who mourn over her.

  111. Ben Pearce (formerly of CAN Impact, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    That is such sad news. Please do send my condolences to Helen’s family. She was an inspiring woman and I hope her family are so proud of the legacy that she has left.

  112. Asadullah Salarzai (Education Saves Lives lesson user, Afghanistan)

    Sad news for us…. May her soul Rest In Peace

  113. Aaron Gayle (CAN Mezzanine, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Very sad news. My sincere condolences and my prayers are with her family.

  114. Baroness Lynda Chalker (Patron of Education Saves Lives)

    Thank you for telling me this sad news.

  115. Ayesha Dikko (Education Saves Lives, part of the Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation)

    Adieu to a woman of substance, who made an impact in all corners of the world. You have made such a difference in the lives of many. Your legacy will live on. RIP our dearest Helen.