News from our User Groups

Feedback and news from grassroots groups throughout the world.
Please note: our former name of Thare Machi Education is used in articles written before 2020.

We’ve recently been talking to community groups in Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda.
We’re sending DVD packs in several languages, with the aim that community groups (like Lebanon Community Center, pictured here) will work together to reach as many of the population as possible with simple lessons for safer living.

ACDK raises awareness of COVID-19, with the theme “usafi wa kwanza / Personal hygiene”.
‘We hope that the summary of our lessons on community education will help other communities to raise awareness among themselves in order to meet the health challenge by adapting it to the real needs and specific problems in their environment.’

This year’s IWD theme is #Eachforequal. Our lessons enable disadvantaged women all over the world to have more control over the health…
“Village Africa” have been using our lessons for many years, to educate women and the wider community in Yamba, Tanzania.

ACDK is a young organisation in DR Congo. Led by Jackson Byenda Kahalalo, they are teaching villagers to plant trees because the forests were desolated by the DRC militia…

ACDK is an apolitical and non-denominational organisation created in Goma in 2012.
It primarily focuses its attention on young people in particularly difficult situations, children, the elderly, women, people living with disabilities and indigenous people (pygmies).

Unifamily Organisation is based in Nyarugusu refugee camp in northwest Tanzania.
The camp is one of the world’s biggest, home to around 150,000 people, mainly refugees from Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Unifmaily works in the camp to try to reduce teen pregnancies and gender-based violence

“This is like magic, you look at it, you see nothing, but it has a lot of stories and people in it. This is giving us more hope and desire. We love what those people say, because it builds our confidence and courage for a better future, and we are learning new and good things here. You can now see that many come because we like this.” Ishamba villager.

One Light Rwanda works in Musanze District in northern Rwanda.
‘TME Clubs have reached villages. One Light Rwanda distributed the DVDs to clubs of children. Children are good messengers….
We visit the families to talk about what they learnt from DVDs. Clubs are now running they only need to be reinforced and follow up.’

The Association for Solidarity, Health and Social Assistance (ASASS) uses TME’s lessons to teach life skills and encourage behaviour change through their Learn Per View and Listening program.

Our DVD lessons are on their way to Russia, thanks to our new user group, Love Russia.
Projects will be helped in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ryazan.

“These glittering plates are like mirrors in circles, very small but what they include are incredible images… It speaks and it has men, women and children in it, there is also music and you think you are near them. What they do is helping us to understand that we can change.”  Pupil from Bushuke Primary School.

In collaboration with One Light Rwanda, our lessons were seen by more than one million people in 25 disctricts of Rwanda, from January 2014 to Dec 2017, with encouraging feedback:
“We knew that feed breasting is good but we ignored it as we wanted to have breasts of small size to stay young, we preferred to give powder milk to babies instead of breast feeding.”

We are delighted that the report into an evaluation of our lessons, carried out in Rwanda, has finally been published.

The Goodwill Social Work Centre in Madurai has been using our lessons for several years. Between 2015 and 2017 they carried out an extensive project to distribute the DVDs as widely as possible. The programme included the promotion of healthy living, using the DVD lessons for village women…

COFAPRI in DRC organised handwashing sessions for school children and mothers in rural villages, with the aid of our educational DVDs. ‘The word has begun to spread as neighbours are now prompting each other to wash their hands.’

We sent one of our handheld voice recording kits (funded by the Isle of Man Government) to Rwanda, for use by our grassroots user groups to make new recordings.

Yann Hausammann, who’s previously worked in our UK office, travelled to Kenya to set up the computers and train some volunteers – here’s his report…

”We madly love this big mirror with moving and speaking people.”
COFAPRI first connected with Thare Machi Education in October 2014.
COFAPRI works in the rural mountain villages of eastern DR Congo. Co-founder Mugisho Theophile reports…