What we do

We create simple, interactive lessons about health and other topics to help people live more safely. These are translated into the local languages of communities, so that all people, whatever their level of education, can access health information that they can understand.

Our partners are community groups, street children’s societies, health clinics, faith groups, schools and individuals; all they need is the discs and access to a machine to play them on. The DVDs are easy to use and can be viewed on portable DVD players, on most computers or via a projector and screen. For those with an internet connection, many lessons are available online and can be played through an internet browser on a suitable computer or phone.

Our lessons are fact-based and give people the information they need to make their own choices and take more control over the health.

We use DVDs and online lessons to inform and educate the viewer on a range of important topics that can help improve their own lives, and the lives of others around them.

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